• #01 -  Recreational Gymnastics Instructor

    • Recreational Gymnastics Instructor
    • Entry Level Part Time (9-16 hours per week)
    Recreational gymnastics instructors are responsible for leading and supervising classes with children as young as 3 years old. Duties include setting up safe learning stations in the gym area, instructing and demonstrating skills and/or body positions required in gymnastics and developing dynamic lesson plans based on provided curriculum. Gymnastics instructor may be required to lift equipment weighing up to 50 pounds. Strenuous physical activity may include climbing, balancing, stooping, crouching, crawling, pulling and extensively reaching at heights above floor level. Tumbling and other gymnastics activities may also be required.  We are looking for an enthusiastic up-beat person with good character and charisma.  Someone with a strong physical build for spotting children of all shapes and sizes is imperative.  Applicants with past experience as a gymnast or gymnastics instructor is preferred.  However, someone without past experience who possesses a desire to learn can be trained and educated in the sport of gymnastics.  We're looking for a high energy leader who enjoys working with children and can be authoritative while patient!

  • #02 -  Competitive Developmental Coach

    • Competitive Junior Olympic or Xcel Coach
    • Mid-Level Part Time (12-20 hours per week)
    Competitive J.O. and Xcel coaches must have at least 7-10 years competitive gymnastics experience or 3-5 years of competitive coaching experience.  We are looking for an authoritative coach with result driven tactics but who also has compassion and kindness to work with many different learning abilities and capabilities.  Our program is continuing to evolve and grow and therefore we are looking for someone who is willing to further their education and continue to grow with us.  We also require that our competitive coaches are available to coach at meets which take place on weekends sometimes 2-3 times a month during competition season.  We pride ourselves on staff that is committed to our program and loyal to our morals and values.  A background check is required by law and our hiring process.